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Please Note: 2014 resolutions will be posted 5 weeks prior to the event.



1. That this assembly calls on Japan and all other countries with nuclear reactors in earthquake prone areas to decommission and dismantle them and replace them with sustainable energy sources.
2. That this assembly demands that all countries that supply uranium ore for the nuclear industry are required to accept the return used enriched uranium materials for safe storage.
3. This Assembly, while affirming the right of nations to harvest fish from waters adjacent to their boundaries in order to feed their citizens, abhors the building and use of pelagic "fishing factory vessels" to pillage large stocks of marine life from off-shore ocean waters thereby destroying the ability of in-shore fisheries to naturally maintain a balanced marine environment.
4. That this assembly calls upon Japan to produce and defend the scientific evidence that justifies their continued whaling in the southern oceans and if it cannot or refuses it should cease its current practice of whaling.
5. This Assembly recognises the scientific and social importance of the use of genetically modified plants for commercial agricultural purposes. It urges member states to support the research and development of genetic modification technology to boost crop yields and food quality, so that local and global food shortages can be addressed more effectively.
6. That this Assembly acknowledges that human induced global world warming is demonstrably occurring. We urge the implementation of an international program for the control of the emission responsible for the warming based on the principle that each individual is only entitled to an equal share of allowed emissions.
7. That this Assembly believes that the continuing massive clearing of forests for the purpose of agriculture and economic development threatens the long term survival of our planet's ecosystems and people. It should therefore be drastically curtailed.


8. That this assembly withdraws all sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran for its peaceful pursuit of nuclear energy or impose the same sanctions on all countries who, like the Islamic Republic of Iran, assert their sovereign right to access a nuclear energy a without submitting to external inspection and control such as Israel, India and the United States of America.
9. That this assembly calls on the State of Israel to return to its secure 1967 borders and cease the expansion of settlements on Palestinian land.
10. That this assembly calls for an immediate ceasefire between the pro and antigovernment forces in Syria so that humanitarian aid can be admitted under the protection of the United Nations and that a fair election is conducted under the auspices of the of the United Nations within 18 months.


11. That this assembly calls an all countries to immediately cease the cruel and barbaric use of capital punishment in any offence.
12. That this assembly calls on the governments of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea to conclude a peace treaty and actively commit to a formal process of unification.
13. That this assembly condemns any attempt to limit the access of females to any education or employment opportunities.
14. That this assembly call on all countries to protect girls from traditional and religious practices that curtail their freedom and development.
15. That this assembly condemns countries that have moved to recognise and grant ‘married’ status to same sex relationships.
16. That this assembly condemns the Commonwealth of Australia for its cynical use of the legal device to declare portions of its territory outside its immigration zone so as to avoid meeting its legal treaty obligations to refugee and asylum seekers.
17. That this assembly condemns the Commonwealth of Australia and considers imposing sanctions for its blatant breech of the most basic human rights - permanent detention without trial or a transparent and fair process of judicial review. As it continues to permanently hold individuals who have been declared to have refugee status but are denied their liberty on the basis of a ‘security’ assessment that is not subject to any judicial review and fails to meet the principles of natural justice.
18. That this assembly calls on the United States of America to amend its constitution and strictly limits the access to firearms as matter of child and community health.


19. This Assembly notes with regret the appropriation of funds amounting to up to ten percent of the available account balance of depositors in Cyprus leading to the temporary closure of financial institutions in that country and urges the Government of Cyprus to work towards a more equitable method of balancing its budget.
20. This assembly deplores the use of the internet for illegal and or other questionable purposes and urges all member nations to support the development of more effective censorship controls and policing including the development of international laws enforceable through the International Court of Justice.
21. That all corporations having manufacturing facilities in developing countries be required pay wages to all nationals employed in those facilities to a minimum level set by a subcommittee of this Assembly to ensure that the local national workers are treated fairly whilst at the same time the corporation receives sufficient benefit to justify their investment in the developing country.
22. That this assembly requires all child labour below the age of 12 be banned and penalties be imposed on member states that do not enforce such restriction.
23. That member states are urged to pass legislation requiring pharmaceutical companies having manufacturing facilities within their territories to supply drugs at the cost of manufacture to developing countries for use in combating pandemics.”
24. That this assembly calls upon the People’s Republic of China to suspend its claim to Tibet and allow the United Nations to conduct a plebiscite of the population to determine whether Tibet remains a province of China or an independent state.
25. That this assembly recommends all restrictions on the trade of agricultural product be removed thus allowing developing countries access to world markets.
26. That this assembly recommends the adoption of English as the world language for trade this improving world communication, trade and commerce.
27. That this assembly condemns China for its open acceptance of copyright breaches in its country resulting in copies of world recognized branded products being devalued by much cheaper copies flooding the world market. If it does not take action to prosecute the companies partaking in this practice within 12 months this assembly should consider appropriate penalties to be applied to them.


28. That this assembly requires all primary and secondary schools in member states to implement compulsory health/sex education to limit the effects of excessive population growth and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases
29. That this Assembly, being of the opinion that there is no credible evidence that the recreational use of cannabis is damaging to health, encourages the farming of hemp as a cash crop in developing nations.
30. That all child labour of primary school aged children be deemed illegal and trade bans be imposed on goods that have been produced by such child labour.
31. That this Assembly requires all member countries to agree to provide free compulsory education for all children upto the age of 14.
32. That this Assembly acknowledges the current mortality rate of 5000 deaths per day of children under the age of 5 as a result of a lack of suitable clean water and poor sanitation and hygiene and requires all developed member countries to agree to double their level of financial foreign aid over the next 5 years for this humanitarian cause.
33. This Assembly recognises the ‘Rights of Individuals’ to self-determination. It urges member states to establish laws providing for citizens suffering from debilitating illnesses and conditions which reduce their quality of life, to legally obtain access to advice and means to end their life at a time of their own choosing, in a planned and humane way.


34. That the Security Council acknowledges that India is the country with the largest population in the world behind China by admitting it as a permanent member and the privilege of the veto be withdrawn from permanent members.
35. That this Assembly agree that when Palestine is able to finalize a 2 State agreement with Israel they will immediately be upgraded from observer status to full membership of this Assembly.
36. The power of the permanent members of the Security Council to veto resolutions be only allowed if it has the support of one other permanent member or any 2 other Security Council members.

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